Children's Check In Procedure

Hi everyone,
We’re starting a new child check-in system on January 22, 2017 and I want to give you all the information ahead of time so you know how it will work. The video below will give you most everything you need to know, and I’ll answer some questions below that. I think this new system will serve our church and our families well.

In Christ,

Brian Zuniga
Children and Family Pastor

Why are we adding an electronic check-in system?
Safety is the number one reason we are adding an electronic check-in system. On Sunday and Wednesday nights, we want to ensure that kids are being returned properly to their parents, and that parents feel confident that their children are being well cared for when they drop them off. A better check in-system helps ensure that kids are released to the correct parents, especially for families we don’t know as well.

When will this begin?
This will begin for Sunday morning on January 22nd. For Wednesday nights, it will begin on January 25th. Please note that the video has earlier dates, but we delayed the start date to make sure things were running as well as possible before we implemented this change.

Who is this for?
On Sunday morning, this will initially affect Kid’s Worship (grades K-4) during first and third services, and Elementary Bible Classes (grades K-6) during second service. Once we’ve had a few weeks to run through it, it will also affect Early Childhood (birth-PreK) during all services. On Wednesday night, it will affect Cubbies (PreK), Sparks (grades K-2), and T&T (grades 3-6).

How is my life going to change?
On Wednesday nights, very little will change. Parents already check their children in and out, now you will simply be using a new system, and will need to present your claim tag when you pick your kids up.

Sunday morning is a slightly larger change for parents…

First Service - If your child is going to participate in Kid’s Worship (grades K-4), simply check your child in on the way into service at the station right outside the worship center doors. If you decide to send your kids to Kid’s Worship after the service has started, go ahead and walk back with them as they are being dismissed after the announcements and quickly sign them in.

Second Service - As of January 22nd, all Elementary Bible Classes (K-6th) will start out in the Multipurpose Room. This will serve as a central hub for parents to drop off their kids. There will be sign-in stations inside the Mulitpurpose Room doors and teachers will be there to greet parents. We’ll keep kids in the Multipurpose Room for about 10 minutes (we might do some music or talk with them about some of our missionaries, things like that) and then they will walk with their teachers to their classrooms. You’ll pick them up after class on the playground with your claim ticket.

Third Service - Kid’s Worship (grades K-4) sign-in will work the same as it did during first service.

How long is this going to take?
If this system isn’t fast, it’s just not going to work. Fortunately, it is very quick and there shouldn’t be any noticeable delay in getting your kids to class. Once you are already in our database the system needs minimal information to check someone in, and thermal printers ensure that your name tags and claim tickets are printed almost as soon as you’re finished pressing the button. I think you’ll be impressed by the speed and efficiency of how things operate.

What if I have a problem?
There will be people at each check-in station to help you with any issues you may have.

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