Sermon Discussion Questions


Week of Sunday, June 25, 2017
What We Value: God-Confident Outreach | Acts 1:8

In preparation for your home group this week:

Read and Consider

Acts 1:8

  1. Read Matt 24:36 and 28:18-20. Discuss the difference between the disciple's curiosity about end times and their responsibility to go and make disciples. What diversions do we fall into today?
  2. Read Is 43:10 and 44:8. How did Israel miss God's call to be witnesses to the world? Who picked up the unfulfilled task? Whose task is it now?
  3. Read Jn 4. The call to be witnesses was a culture shock to Jews. What significant geographic and cultural barriers must we presently overcome?
  4. Read Is 49:6 and Acts 13:47. Discuss the implication of Paul quoting Is 49:6 in Acts 13:47 and how it relates to us being Christ's witnesses to the ends of the earth.
  5. Read Eph 3:14-21. How is God's power far greater and nobler than any human power? What ways are we tempted to trust man's power instead of God's? How does heavenly power accomplish mighty works and make preaching affective?
  6. What are some examples of how we are already reaching out in organized and organic ways? What are some new ideas that you have? What action steps might you take to make these ideas a reality?


o That God would be glorified.

o That you would be a blessing in your group.

o That people’s needs would be met.

o That friendships would be built and strengthened.

o That the group would serve God’s purposes.

o Pray for all our ministry partners (globaloutreach and localoutreach)

If you’re not in a home group yet, get connected!

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