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A Christ-Centered Community

intent on proclaiming the Gospel,
making disciples, & sacrificially serving Jesus.

What is Go with Grace all about? God has blessed us with a beautiful campus. We want to improve it in such a way that will allow us to better fulfill our ultimate goal and glorify God as we reach out more effectively to the surrounding community. We want to transform our current site into a venue that clearly invites the community to be a part of what God is doing in our church.

Looking to Jesus

Thoughts on Christ-centered Preaching

The undermining and ignoring of Biblical preaching in the American church today is a travesty.

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Thoughts on God-Centered Worship

God-Centered Worship is Your Will Surrendered

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A Call to Loving Christian Conviction

Every family has been and is affected by many sins. That should make us more loving and empathetic; and also more convinced of the wrongness and sinfulness of certain choices and behaviors. We should be more intent to rescue those in danger of perishing. Wherever depraved humans live, sin will rear its ugly head (and that ugly head will often be covered with a deceptive mask). We would do well to speak truth in an atmosphere of love rather than hide or obscure truth in an atmosphere of the fear of man or false acceptance.

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Upcoming Events

Tue May 23

Women's Tuesday Bible Study - Spring 2017

Study the Word together with other ladies from Grace.

Wed May 24

Wednesday Park Nights

Don't miss this chance to show Christ's love to our neighbors!

Wed May 24

Jr. High Group

The Jr. High group consists of fun activities and practical life application of biblical principles.

Wed May 24

High School Group

This group meets for fun activities and practical life application of biblical principles.

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