Looking to Jesus

Looking to Jesus

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Thoughts on Christ-centered Preaching

The undermining and ignoring of Biblical preaching in the American church today is a travesty. ...

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Thoughts on God-Centered Worship

God-Centered Worship is Your Will Surrendered...

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A Call to Loving Christian Conviction

Every family has been and is affected by many sins. That should make us more loving and empathetic; and also more convinced of the wrongness and sinfulness of certain choices and behaviors. We should be more intent to rescue those in danger of perishing. Wherever depraved humans live, sin will rear its ugly head (and that ugly head will often be covered with a deceptive ma...

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Love Initiates Friendly Engagement.

Love Initiates Friendly Engagement. A good way of life. ...

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Self-Righteous, Hypocritical, Weird Fanatics

Christians need a come-to-Jesus heart check. Jesus is the only answer. ...

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Jesus Loves You!

Jesus loves you because He made you, chose you, and saved you; not because of your good behavior. ...

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Secret Disciples

Secret Disciples need to come into the light of day. ...

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Taking the High Road in Heated Times


It's a fine line we walk in this world, being in it but not of it. As we live in Christ we are called to communicate truth while not condemning or condoning people's sinful lifestyles, or caving in to temptations to sin....

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Crossing the Kidron


Inspired by Matthew Holbrook's sermon on John 18:1-11. ...

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Praise Jesus Joyfully


The stones are on standby in case we don’t do what we were made to do....

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